Late Night Dress

759 kr
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Dance beneath the stars, wrapped in hues of pink and blue,
In a gown that whispers secrets of the night to you.
With butterfly arms that reach out, embracing the air,
And a width of 62cm, as if to declare:
"This dance is mine, and mine alone, to share."

At 144cm long, it cascades like a dream,
Flowing with every step, in a mesmerizing stream.
Adjustable waist, up to 90cm, it holds you tight,
As you twirl and spin, in the soft, warm light.

Let this gown be your partner, in this dance of delight,
As you lose yourself in the music, under the starry night.
For in this dress, you'll be a vision, so divine,
Dancing all night long, in a paradise so fine.

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