Speedster Silkgrey

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n complete safely from behind the steering wheel of their first racing car

Children's safety is no joking matter. Our Speedsters are suitable for toddlers aged 1 and above. So we need to be careful that they are safe. That's why we have designed a special metal structure which is very stable. Our wheels and tyres have been designed to ensure the vehicle's excellent road-handling when driven even by slightly daredevil toddlers.
Trainee pilots can head off on adventures with peace of mind, and their parents can relax!

At Baghera, retro is a way of life

As with all our products, our Speedster Silkgrey features a very retro design that is reminiscent of cars from the 1930s. 

The choice of colours on our Silkgrey model reinforces this vintage effect. 

The seat and camel-coloured steering wheel, chrome radiator grille and mud-guards add the finishing touches to the car to make it perfect as a whole. As you will have seen, nothing is left to chance, since our designers are strongly committed to creating products that are both playthings and objects of beauty.

The Silkgrey Speedster ride-on is the perfect aid for developing baby's motor skills

Baby will quickly get their bearings from behind the wheel of their new car: once they have realised that all they need to do is push off with their little feet and turn the steering wheel to go in whatever direction they want, a whole new world will open up before them.
There is no end to the fantastical adventures that trainee pilots can imagine with access to a racing car like this. In the living room, bedroom, garden, garage; baby can embark on a new adventure from behind the steering wheel.

A car to decorate baby's room with?

While our push cars are designed to be driven around in for hours, they also make a splendid  decoration. 

Is your baby daughter still in her cradle? Is your nephew still not ready to stand up on his own? Is baby still in Mummy's tummy? If so, what then? In their room, the Silkgrey Speedser will look fabulous, believe us! And what a wonderful gift to bestow on a little somebody! 

Moreover, you can even buy it for yourself if you want. It's a decorative piece that looks great in a living room or study!

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