Peach Passion Dress

599 kr
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Step into a dream with the Peach Passion Dress, where grace and allure intertwine. Woven in the heart of India from a luxuriously soft silk-like fabric, this dress is a symphony of elegance. At 148cm in length, it flows like a gentle breeze, with adjustable shoulders and chest for a perfect, personalized embrace. The dress, a single size, flatters up to 120cm at its widest, making it a versatile treasure.

Delight in the peachy hues that dance with the light, accented by playful tassels and a delicate frill at the back. Suitable for any occasion, the Peach Passion Dress is your canvas of beauty, ready to capture hearts and turn moments into memories. Embrace the poetry of fashion with this exquisite creation, and let every step be a verse of your enchanting story.

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