Gardeners Choice No.1 Kimono

799 kr
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Introducing our Gardeners Kimono Collection: a symphony of artistry and nature, handcrafted in the heart of India. Each piece, a unique masterpiece, weaves together tradition and beauty, offering a one-of-a-kind garment that celebrates the spirit of the garden.

With dimensions that embrace comfort and grace, these kimonos are designed to accompany you in your tranquil moments:
- Two spacious pockets (15x17-18 cm deep) to cradle your tools and treasures.
- A flowing belt (3-4 cm x 177 cm - 188 cm) to cinch and style with ease.
- Generous kimono length (130 cm) and waist (139 cm) for a flattering silhouette.
- Elegant sleeves (62 cm from neck, 60 cm wide at shoulder, 40 cm at the end) that dance with your every movement.

Let the Gardeners Kimono wrap you in the whispers of India's timeless craft, where every thread tells a story, and every pattern breathes life. Adorn yourself in a tapestry of uniqueness, where no two pieces are alike, and find your perfect harmony between art and nature.

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