Handcrafted Grapes Soap – 100% Olive Oil - White

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Give your hands a good clean after gardening with this handcrafted grape soap. Hang it from its little string for easy access and a fun decorative touch next to your sink. 

These beautifully made soaps are crafted in the fun, appealing shape of a cluster of grapes.The gentle vegan soaps give your hands a smooth feeling after use and delicately perfume the room you keep them in.

Because they’re made with 100% olive oil, they’re easy on the skin. Free from parabens, phthalates, SLS and preservatives. You can use them to clean your hands but also your face and body if preferred.

Smells like summer

Your search for an original gift ends here, this handmade grape bunch soap is a lovely scented surprise! We’ve packaged all bunches in our black gift packaging, and the color contrast works wonderfully once you see the product and packaging together. Lifting the top of the box will envelop you in a delicate soft scent, instantly creating a nice memory. Add a kind note to make this little care package a sweet present for anyone.

Benefits of natural soap

– Decorative and original, with a delicate perfume.

– Easy on the skin. Made with 100% olive oil, no unwanted preservatives.

– Sustainably sourced. Made with care using local ingredients in a small family workshop.

– Handcrafted. Created with care by skilled craftspeople.


Olive oil*, sodium hydroxide, water, fragrance. Weight: approximately 100g.

Coloring (depending on the model) :

White: no colorant

Green: chlorophyll CI75810

Black: vegetal charcoal CI77268

*Cold-pressed, Extra Virgin olive oil.

Does not contain any :

Parabens, phthalates, SLS, preservatives.

This is a vegan soap, does not contain any animal fat, and is not tested on animals.

The soaps are available in three different colors: white, green and black. Because the grapes are handcrafted, they all look authentically different.

For lasting use, we recommend making sure your grape soap gets a chance to dry between uses. They’re designed to be hung from the string, but you can also put them on a well-drained dish tray. Lay them down like a piece of fruit!

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