Hidden Tiger Kimono

799 kr
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"In the heart of India's artisanal embrace, behold Hidden Tiger, a kimono of unparalleled grace. Each thread spun with care, each stitch a tale to share, crafting a masterpiece that's beyond compare. With pockets deep, 15x17-18cm, and a belt, sturdy and sleek, 3-4cm wide, spanning 177cm to 188cm, it's a garment that whispers of exotic allure. Draping elegantly at 130cm, with a waist of 139cm, its sleeves unfurl like whispers of silk, 62cm from neck to wrist, widening from 60cm at the shoulder to a gentle 40cm at the end. Step into the realm of the enigmatic with Hidden Tiger, where every piece is a canvas of individuality, a testament to the artisan's skill, and a symbol of your unique style."

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