Tropical Vibes Kimono

799 kr
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Step into a world where elegance meets exotic allure with our enchanting creation, the Tropical Vibes kimono. Handcrafted with passion in the heart of India, each piece is a testament to the artistry and vibrancy of traditional craftsmanship.

Embrace the uniqueness of every stitch, for no two kimonos are alike, each telling its own captivating story. From the lush landscapes of India to the tropical paradise of your dreams, let the colors and patterns of this exquisite garment transport you to distant shores.

With two spacious pockets, measuring 15x17-18cm deep, and a beautifully crafted belt spanning 3-4 cm x 177 cm to 188 cm, indulge in both style and practicality.

Draped in luxury, the Tropical Vibes kimono boasts dimensions of 130 cm in length and 139 cm at the waist, ensuring a flattering fit for any occasion.

Elevate your ensemble with sleeves measuring 62 cm from the neck and 60 cm wide at the shoulder, tapering to an elegant 40 cm at the end, exuding grace and sophistication with every movement.

Experience the allure of the tropics wherever you go, enveloped in the timeless elegance of our handcrafted masterpiece, the Tropical Vibes kimono.

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